MDV’s TruYou Design Build™ Process

It’s Truly Design Build Perfected ™

MDV’s TruYou Design Build™ sets a new standard for making home remodeling and custom home building better than ever. The TruYou Design Build process is designed around what is easier, more convenient, and makes more sense for you, the homeowner. It does not focus primarily on what is easiest and most convenient for the remodeler or builder.

Our TruYou Design Build™ process was created and refined based on over 50 years of working with homeowners and on literally thousands of homes. TruYou Design Build is focused on what’s best for YOU.

Respect for Your Budget, Priorities, and Preferences

KS97387TruYou Design Build™ respects your budget, no matter what it is. To do this, TruYou Design Build incorporates MDV’s TruCost™ Project Pricing™ approach, which provides you with the complete cost of your project. We include not just our costs, but also foreseeable outside costs necessary for your project’s completion. (Other contractors usually leave out these other costs so their proposals will look more favorable, while actually being incomplete.) MDV’s TruCost approach helps assure that you are in control of your budget throughout the entire process.

Plus, TruYou Design Build™ and TruCost™ Project Pricing assure you will have a range of quality choices and options for your project’s design, products, and finishes within your budget, at the guaranteed price, no matter what your budget level. So ultimately, you are in control of what your project will cost and how your home will look.

Benefits of MDV’s TruYou Design Build™ Process

While a typical “design build” approach offers many benefits over the outdated “design bid” approach, MDV’s TruYou Design Build process is even better. It’s Design Build Perfected, offering many extra benefits neither “design build” nor “design bid” can.

Top Three Benefits:

1. With TruYou Design Build, you get a fast, efficient, and less stressful way of achieving your dream home, with less risk and more certainty.
2. You get guaranteed pricing up front before design starts, before you have to commit to working with MDV, and without having to make detailed product and finish decisions.
3. TruYou Design Build allows you to make many types of changes later in the process, even during construction, without incurring extra costs.
      1. Compared to other design build processes, TruYou Design Build is easier, more convenient, and more flexible. It is designed to avoid unpleasant surprises.
      2. Before you are asked to commit to work with MDV, we give you a fast, free, and accurate proposal, with details and guaranteed pricing, for your “entire” project. Our pricing is “comprehensive” which means it includes known or expected out-of-pocket costs many other remodelers and builders don’t bother to include in their proposals, but for which you are liable.
      3. Our proposal and pricing is based on your priorities, budget, and preferences.
      4. You don’t have to first spend weeks making detailed product, material, and finish selections up front just to be able to know what your project will cost.
      5. You need not worry about having to pay MDV for detailed design and plans on a project you later learn you can’t afford to build.
      6. You get the peace of mind knowing you won’t be surprised by hidden costs for the products, materials, and finish selections you make.
      7. There is more flexibility, more time, and more opportunities to make most final product, materials, and finish decisions. They can be made later in the process than with other design build or design bid processes without fear of increasing costs.
      8. No matter what your budget is, you will have a wide range of quality product, materials, and finish options. And… you are not limited to selecting from the options we normally offer. You can “order off the menu”.
      9. You have the comfort in knowing that any cost-neutral change made at almost any time during the process will not automatically change the guaranteed price just because it is a change from the original plans or selections.
      10. And, you always have the option of making major changes that are not cost-neutral after we provide you a guaranteed price. In those cases, since our guaranteed price has factored in so many of your preferences already, the upgrade will likely be a smaller marginal adjustment to our guaranteed price than with other remodelers or builders.

TruYou Design Build: Only from MDV Remodeling and MDV Custom Homes

Other remodeling contractors and custom home builders do not offer you the many benefits of TruYou Design Build. Want proof? Just ask them what happens if you want changes to product, material, and finish selections after they give you a guaranteed fixed price. Will there be a change order and price adjustment? Will you even be able to make a change?

MDV can offer you these unique benefits because of decades of experience working with thousands of homeowners. It is from this experience that MDV developed our TruYou Design Build™ process.

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