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Complete Project Costs BEFORE You Sign a Contract with MDV

Getting ALL the costs of your project before having to sign a remodeling or custom home contract is extremely important. Why? Because this is what happens when you don’t:

1) You probably won’t find out about extra costs you were not aware of until after you have signed the contract and started the project.

2) You won’t be happy with your contractor when you realize that many of these extra costs are very typical for a project like yours and your contractor knew or should have known about them.

3) You will likely be upset if you live in an upscale home and find out the contractor’s proposal only included costs to cover economy grade products, materials, and finishes and you suddenly have thousands to tens of thousands of dollars of “upgrade costs” you never expected.

4) You knew your contract had some “owner-supplied” line items but you never expected those to be as much as 30%, 40% or even 60% more than the costs outlined in the proposal.

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Why MDV Provides You the “TruCost” of Your Project Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

We’re like you. We believe you should reasonably expect a remodeler or builder to provide you a proposal that includes the COMPLETE cost, the “True Cost” (TruCost™) of your entire project. You expect them to know all the types of costs that are regularly part of the kind of project they are estimating. If they can’t give you an exact cost, they should give at least an educated and realistic projection of the typical costs.

You go to professional remodelers and builders because of their expertise. Because of what they know or should know. You go to them because you want them to provide you with ALL the costs directly related to your project, not just some.

Many Remodelers and Builders Omit, Hide or Disguise Important and Significant Costs in Proposals

Unfortunately, it is easy for remodelers and builders to prepare proposals, even fixed price proposals, that do not include all that you will end up paying. Some contractors don’t have enough experience to know what costs to anticipate for some types of projects. Some may not think certain costs are their responsibility to tell you about. Others intentionally hide costs to make their price lower and easier to sell.

How it’s Done

Because most homeowners are not familiar with all the cost factors of a remodeling or custom home project, we’ve found this analogy a good way to explain how remodelers and builders can provide you a proposal that does not represent the True Cost of your project.

A Tale of  Two Parties

Which party planner would you want to work with?

Party Planner A

Party Planner “A” prepares an estimate for your party of 150 people. They include the cost of the food, folding tables and chairs, silverware, dishes, a DJ, servers, soft drinks, and the cost of renting the tent you will need for your backyard. They include in the estimate that you will provide the flowers and alcoholic beverages.

They come in with a surprisingly good estimate for your party.

Party Planner B

Party Planner “B” provides you with costs for all of the things Party Planner “A” does.

But, knowing that flowers and alcoholic beverages can be a significant cost, they include line items and estimates of what you should expect to pay even though you may be paying for them directly. They also give you some guidelines as to how much to buy and some recommendations where to buy.

They specify the menu including quality and quantity of food being served, that vegetables will be farm fresh, that there will be options for guests with food restrictions. They specify many details of what they provide that were not detailed in the other estimate. Not even mentioned by Party Planner A.

Party Planner B also includes the estimated cost of preparing and sending out invitations, the cost of setting up and taking down the tent, the need for, and cost of, a valet parking service for your guests’ cars, the need and cost of getting a special event permit for having such a large party in your home. They include the normal gratuity expected for the caterer’s staff and bartenders.

They present everything that can reasonably be expected or anticipated for your party to be perfect. They do so in order for you to have a true understanding of what it will cost and you can make informed decisions.

Naturally Party Planner B’s estimate for all the things that you will need or might want is much higher than Party Planner A’s estimate. But the estimate is what you would have actually had to pay for your party even if you went with Party Planner A. You were just informed upfront while there was time to make changes, if you desired.

Who Would You Choose?

Party Planner A’s estimate “looked” better. The costs included in the estimate were accurate. But the total amount of the party’s actual cost was not.

Would you choose the planner that, because of inexperience or the desire to get the project, gave you an artificially low estimate knowing you would then need to pay more? Would you have confidence in Party Planner A after realizing they left out things because they didn’t anticipate them? Or worse, tried to fool you?

Why Select Party Planner B

You benefited from their knowledge and their integrity in telling you the true costs of the event you are planning. You benefited from being able to make informed decisions before you start, not when it is too late to make smart choices.

You end up paying about the same with either party planner.
Planner B just provided you the true costs up front.
Planner A didn’t.

We Believe You Have the Right to Know All Costs Up Front, Not Just Some.

If you want to know the TruCost of your project up front, you owe it to yourself to talk to MDV before you select the remodeler or builder for your next project.

Without MDV’s Comprehensive TruCost Project Pricing
your project could end up costing 40-60% MORE than what you expected.

The Bottom Line

It’s the total you end up paying for your project, not what was in the proposal that is the True Cost of your project.

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