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Have Your Very Own “Holiday Home Tour”

Homes look so pretty during the holidays! But the holidays also shine a not-so-cheery light on things that you’d like to change about your home, like drafty rooms, cramped spaces, no place for the kids to play while adults chat, awkward guest accommodations, cluttered kitchen counters, and bathroom fixtures that are just plain in need

Understanding How Home Improvements Can Affect ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is a term that is exchanged frequently when it comes to home improvement. We’ve mentioned it several times on our blog, as well as highlighted several projects that can bring a significant ROI for homeowners. Whether you choose to enhance an existing bedroom, extend your kitchen, install new flooring in the

7 Remodels That Yield Top Returns On Investment

One of the biggest reasons homeowners elect to remodel aspects of their home is to improve its value. Updating a kitchen, bath, or basement will not only do that, but add years of enjoyment at the same time! Furthermore, a major consideration must be which home remodeling projects give homeowners the most return on their