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whole house renovation and remodel in Montgomery county Maryland

An Excellent Option for So Many Homeowners

Sometimes a whole house renovation or remodel is the best decision you can make when it comes to your home. For example:

  • You found a home for sale in the ideal location. The neighborhood schools are great. It’s a great buy, but the house is too small, too old, or in poor condition.
  • You love your current home and your neighborhood. Your kids love their school and have many friends. But your home is just feeling a bit dated or it doesn’t quite fit the way your family lives anymore.

These are great situations to consider a whole house remodel or renovation. And with MDV’s unique TruYou Design Build approach, you couldn’t find an easier or better way to remodel.

And an Excellent Opportunity for Saving Money

Whole house remodels can offer you a number of ways of saving money. When working with the team at MDV, we can help you get the most value for your remodeling investment.

First way: In some cases it is less expensive to do a whole house remodel than to tear a house down and build a new home. You can reuse, repurpose, or add on to the parts of the existing home’s structure that are fine. The home may not even be recognizable after the remodel is complete, but reusing certain existing items can result in savings on both materials and labor costs. For example, you would not have to remove and replace the existing foundation, you might just be able to increase the size, which would save a major cost.

Second way: You can save money when doing a whole house renovation by upgrading to more energy efficient windows and doors. This saves energy, money, and improves comfort. Plus, a whole house renovation is the time when you can most easily (and for the least money) properly seal and improve the insulation value of your home’s exterior walls. New energy efficient windows and doors, coupled with improved insulation and sealing of your exterior walls and attic (together called your home’s “envelope”), can substantially improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

Third way: Save money by replacing an older, less efficient heating and cooling system with one that will also save energy. Newer systems and smart systems can also be set up as separate “zones” so you can control the temperature in different levels or rooms of your home as you wish.

With MDV, a Whole House Remodel is Easier

Thanks to MDV’s TruYou Design Build approach, even projects as large as whole house renovations are simpler and less stressful than with other approaches to whole house remodeling. We’ll be happy to tell you all the ways MDV’s approach is loved by our clients.

Whole House Remodel or New Custom Home? MDV Can Help You Decide

MDV builds new custom homes as well as doing whole house remodels. So we know the advantages and disadvantages of both when dealing with a home than needs major work. We have no bias one way or the other. We can explain and explore with you the factors that apply to your specific situation so you can make the best informed decision for you.

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