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Life’s Better with a Dream Home Garage Custom Designed and Built Just for You

A recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders showed that the number of garage remodeling projects has grown significantly compared to previous years. This means that the part of your home that used to be the car shed is more than just a place to park cars and accumulate stuff.

With MDV’s unique TruYou Design Build™ process, we can help you achieve your ideal garage solution and stay on budget.

Trend: Larger Home Garages

If you own a larger car such as a full-size SUV, truck, or minivan, you know that most home garages are often too small for these vehicles. Even if you have average-size cars, if you also store bikes, lawn mowers, snow blowers, and garden tools in your garage you already know that your garage is not large enough.

In the past, homes were built with one- or two-car garages. Now many homeowners have three or more vehicles plus other “toys” that need to be garaged like jet skis, boats, RVs, motorcycles, bikes, trailers, etc. You could pay a monthly fee to rent out a storage space for these things or you could build a larger garage.

Trend: Multi-Function Home Garages

Home garages have also become multi-functional spaces. Though important for housing cars, bikes, lawnmowers, etc., the other most common use for a garage is as a secure, clean storage space.

With limited storage space inside the average home, garages are getting bigger. You may wish to add additional bays with dedicated space for your lawn equipment or recreational vehicles.

After consulting with MDV, you will discover how to remodel your existing garage or build a garage addition to serve as a playroom for the kids. Perhaps it can be a rainy day place to roller skate, a game room, man cave, studio, hobby space, or home gym. A garage can even be turned into an apartment for your kids after college, or a nanny or in-law suite. Perhaps you can add a second floor on your current garage so you can use it as a home office, hobby space, apartment, or guest room.

Maybe you’d love to have cathedral trusses in your garage for added overhead clearance and a reinforced concrete slab to accommodate a car lift?

Home Garage Systems

There are a myriad of garage systems and products. Garage systems and products exist for bulk storage, specialized storage, tool storage, workshops, floor protection, food storage, secure storage, lighting, ventilation, home security, communications, computing, heating and cooling, working on cars, and so on. As electric vehicles become more prevalent, home garages will need charging stations.

Attached and Detached Custom Garages

At MDV, we think outside of the box that is your existing garage to incorporate it into your lifestyle. We can recommend ways to increase the use and function of your current garage. Anything from expanding your existing garage, to adding another attached garage to your home, or building (a new additional) detached garage that matches the exterior of your home. Perhaps one with an apartment for your in-laws, guests or grown kids. Different solutions are required for different situations. MDV can help you navigate the options and provide you the information to decide what’s right for you.

Considerations When Remodeling or Building Your Dream Home Garage

  • Which is best for me: enhance my existing attached garage or build a new detached custom garage?
  • Will there be enough clearance through the garage door openings for my vehicles?
  • Do I require any custom solutions for my hobbies or interests?
  • Do I want an addition built with a room above the garage (i.e. home office, bedroom, storage room, man cave, etc.)?
  • Do I want to add or include a staircase or attic stairs to reach the upper level?
  • Should I include additional garage bays to house recreational or lawn equipment?
  • How much of the garage will be for vehicles, for storage, for work space?
  • Do I need electricity or running water? Will I need to get zoning approval if I do?
  • Should the garage be insulated or not? Heated or air conditioned or not?
  • Does my zoning, neighborhood or homeowners association have any restrictions or requirements I need to consider?
  • Do I want wall storage, storage cabinets, or special flooring in my garage?
  • Are there any budget constraints?

MDV Makes Customizing or Adding Custom Home Garages Easier

Whatever you decide, MDV’s TruYou Design Build™ process assures that you will get a fully customized project at the best possible value, quality, and functionality for your investment. With MDV, we make creating your dream garage easier and better.

MDV is not limited, like some “garage systems” installation companies, to any one or two garage systems. We’re not even limited to working within the space of an existing garage. We can expand your garage, remodel it, or even build a new detached garage.

No matter what your need, MDV has a custom garage solution that will be perfect for you!

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