What is “Age-in-Place?”

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“Age-in-Place” design is a term used to describe a type of design process that empowers homeowners with the choice and control to continue living in a familiar environment throughout their maturing years. The decision to stay in your home and make modifications to continue living in your home is a major one and should never be taken lightly. Our home ties us to feelings of youth, independence, and fond memories, as well as dignity and quality of life. Our home is also strongly rooted in our need to feel secure. Age-in-place design is an approach to aging that can be a much more economical and enjoyable life for people as they age. Aging-in-place allows you to continue familiar daily rituals by making plans for changing capacities. Those special events that enrich all our lives are much more enjoyable and possible for many more years thanks to careful age-in-place design. These design techniques mean you will enjoy the comfortable setting and familiar community of your home for many years to come.

Why Change?

Most residential housing is geared toward younger adults and children. Most dwellings do not support the physical and sensory changes that we encounter as we mature. Builders generally do not take into account age-related conditions such as reduced mobility or limited reach. What appear to be insignificant home features to a family starting out can have a dramatic impact on a person with even minor aging issues.

Why Not Wait?

There is an old adage that says, “The time to buy snow tires is not in the middle of winter.” Aging-in-place integrates design, equipment, and services to provide the opportunity and stability to remain in your home indefinitely. Age-in-Place design works best when people prepare home environments in advance of accidents or injuries, using universal design tenets to adapt to a family’s change in independence and create ergonomic care environments.

Our mission is simple: As Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS), MDV can provide the assistance you need to help you stay in your home and community.

Age-in-Place has two basic categories:

1) Minor Modifications to Existing Housing
Many minor home modifications are the DIY kind. Most of the materials can be purchased at national home improvement stores that carry items to assist with mobility issues as well as bath and safety products. How-to books explaining remodeling with universal design can also be helpful in completing minor home modification jobs (i.e. handrails, fire alarms, easy-lock latches, etc.).

2) Incorporating Aging-In-Place & Universal Design Principles into New Construction
These modifications are extensive and require a professional contractor: grading entry points to create zero-step entrances, stacking closets to enable the installation of an elevator in the future, accessible floor plans, or universal design kitchens and bathrooms. Building with universal design from the start can save money and ensure that your dream home is safe and comfortable for years to come (i.e. larger-opening doorways, kitchen and bath remodels, exterior ramps and more).

If you’re thinking about staying in your home as you age, click here to schedule a free estimate today. As CAPS, MDV Remodeling puts a group of experts in this type of design and building project at your service! We look forward to making a stress-free and easy transformation of your home so that you can stay put for years to come! In the meantime, check out our blogs on Age-In-Place:

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