MDV is Truly Different…
and the Difference Makes MDV a Great Choice

With over 50 years of home building and remodeling experience and working with thousands of homeowners informing how we work, MDV has been able to perfect a number of ways we are truly different and better than other remodelers and builders.

Providing high-quality design, solid construction, expert craftsmanship, and top notch custom service is just the start. We also have differences that no other remodeler or home builder offers.

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Four Differences That Make MDV Unique and a Smart Option

TruYou Design Build: A unique approach and a major improvement on the traditional design build model. TruYou Design Build is a quantum improvement over the design bid model of remodeling and home building.

TruCost Project Pricing: MDV’s consumer-friendly and upfront pricing that provides you the complete and comprehensive pricing of your project. This includes prices and line items many remodelers and builders omit, but which you still have to pay for.

TruTime On-Time Guarantee: We know of the horror stories where remodeling projects or custom homes get started but they are delayed and delayed, sometimes for months or even years, past the original completion date. With TruTime, MDV guarantees a completion date.

TruCare Extended Warranty: With MDV’s TruCare Extended Limited Warranty, we stand behind our work more completely and longer than most remodelers and home builders throughout our region and even the country.

Before You Remodel or Build a Custom Home, Find Out How MDV is Truly Best for You!

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