Ask most homeowners to describe the function of their kitchen and “cooking” will be just part of the answer. In fact, to MDV Remodeling, kitchen remodeling has come to mean creating space not only for meal preparation, but also for entertaining, homework, bill paying, TV watching, internet surfing, and even working from home. Remodeling your kitchen needs to incorporate smart new ways to give this hard-working room the features, functionality and design appeal of a true “living room.” If you’re thinking about remodeling, here are a few kitchen ideas we think are perfect for homes in our area.

Kitchen remodeling photo

Photo courtesy Merillat Cabinetry

The “Invisible” Kitchen

From concealed refrigerators to hidden range hoods, today’s appliances can work hard while you’re cooking and disappear behind beautiful cabinets and cleverly designed panels. With appliances out of sight, the kitchen can look as sleek and open as other rooms in your home. An invisible kitchen also helps you make the most of your space. For instance, your kitchen remodeling might include one well-planned island that can multitask as a food prep surface, dining table, homework center, and entertaining buffet.

Beverage Station

This new kitchen element brings together what’s needed to store and serve everything from vintage wine to morning smoothies. Cups, stemware, silverware, coffee, tea and sugar are all beautifully organized alongside coffee makers, blenders, and other equipment. An under-counter refrigerator provides easy access to ice, lemons and cream while keeping wine, beer and soda perfectly chilled.

Kitchen remodeling photo

Photo courtesy Jenn-Air

Design-Driven Kitchen Remodeling

New kitchen remodeling ideas include dishwashers, refrigerators and even ovens that tuck away into drawers. This keeps appliances within easy reach while it frees up floor space – and wall space – so kitchen remodeling can become far more creative. Softly curving counters can smooth traffic flow rather than blocking it, artwork can be incorporated into the kitchen design, and architectural elements like arches or soffits can now be used to give your remodeled kitchen pizzazz without sacrificing efficiency and functionality.

Kitchen remodeling photo

Photo courtesy Merillat Cabinetry

Multiple Counter Heights

With the kitchen accommodating so many different activities, it’s smart to include counters at varying heights. Just match the height to the activity that’s most often done in that area. Having a variety of counter heights also makes your kitchen more accessible to all the sizes, shapes, ages, and abilities of people who use your kitchen.

These new kitchen ideas and trends are just the starting point. If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, MDV Remodeling would be delighted to help you combine the best of what’s new with tried-and-true solutions to create your own dream kitchen.