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MDV is so confident of our processes, craftsmanship, quality, construction, and project management we offer MDV clients our exclusive TruCare Extended Limited Warranty that makes working with MDV even a better decision.

Many remodelers or builders either don’t provide a warranty or provide a minimal one. Some provide the least required by the jurisdiction in which they work, if any is required.

At MDV, we set the bar much higher because we are that confident in our work. MDV offers a unique extended limited warranty on the work we do.

We can do so because we know the high level of quality that goes into the design, engineering, materials, and craftsmanship of the homes we build and remodel.

MDV’s TruCare Extended Warranty is a Generous Extended 2+4+10 Year Limited Warranty

What this is essentially:

  • A bumper-to-bumper 2-year warranty against defects and workmanship on your entire project.
  • In addition, we extend the limited warranty to 4 years on a wide range of other parts of the project.
  • For some parts of your project, we provide a limited warranty for a full 10 years.


  • You are covered by manufacturer warranties on appliances and products that are part of your project.
  • Plus, MDV covers the removal and installation labor that may not be covered for most of these manufacturer warranties. So if the ceiling fan that was part of your project needs replacing and the manufacturer will only replace the product, we will provide the installation at no cost.

Details of Our TruCare Extended Limited Warranty

The details of our extended limited warranty are spelled out in our contracts. The information on this page is simply to sketch out the broad concept of our TruCare Extended Limited Warranty.

Needless to say, our limited warranty excludes damages caused by abuse, misuse, acts of nature, or the like.

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