A few weeks ago, we touched on four of the Biggest Deck Remodeling Trends. Now with spring in full swing, we wanted to dive a little deeper into deck and patio designs and focus on a new set of trends.

Patios and decks have gone through an incredible evolution in recent years, transforming them into multi-functioning outdoor living environments, such as kitchens, bars, and even family room! In addition to that progress, other trends that are becoming more and more popular with homeowners looking to expand their outdoor home presence include the following:


Many homeowners have transformed their patios into gardens with plantscaping. Since some homeowners do not have the luxury of a large backyard, container gardening is enjoying a revival. It is versatile enough to meet multiple needs and can be changed frequently. Container gardening also has a more practical side that allows you to grow herbs and vegetables for the kitchen instead of just planting flowers and bushes. Recent preferences in patios and decks have focused on bringing nature back with replacing the usual lawn decorations with plants. The variety of containers that can be obtained and used makes your design options practically limitless!

Fire Pits

Fire pits create an easy focal point for an outdoor area, and they are growing in popularity. Many homeowners are installing them because they can be enjoyed far beyond the warm months of spring and summer. Although they are popular in colder areas, fire pits have been embraced as a design trend in many warmer locations. Most fire pits are round, but square and rectangular shapes are becoming more popular. Location and safety are obvious concerns, so it is important to use the correct materials at a safe distance from a house and make sure that fire pit use is always supervised.

Chameleon Lighting

Now you see it, now you don’t…This might be what crosses your mind with the latest trend in lighting for patios, porches and decks. Many of today’s outdoor fixtures are being manufactured as part of structural elements – such as deck posts, half-walls or stair risers – so that they “disappear” during the daytime, when they’re not lit. These fixtures provide just the right amount of light to accentuate the design of your outdoor space, while not being a nuisance to your neighbors!

Embedded Umbrellas

Embedded umbrellas are a recent trend that provides more shade for patios and decks while adding a unique touch. Instead of the traditional material umbrellas that rely on stands and cannot be left outside all year, some homeowners are turning to permanent options. Umbrellas made completely out of wood and featuring a wood shade instead of canvas are growing in popularity. Since they are embedded into the deck area, there is no danger of them falling over. Another option is to use the traditional canvas umbrellas, but have them permanently attached to the furniture.

Vibrant Colors

Adding bursts of color is becoming important in the style of patios and decks. Furniture has traditionally been the only source of extra color, but even that is getting a transformation with more vibrant shades becoming available. The furniture can be painted in different shades and even the pavement used for the patio area can be colorful– stones can be stamped and dyed. Mosaics can be created out of many materials. If bold shades clash with your personal style, there are more subdued ways of adding color to your patios and decks, like using darker shades that match the natural environment.

Outdoor living design is becoming as important and trendy as interior design and can add value and enjoyment to just about any space. If you’re thinking about adding or updating your deck or patio, be sure to contact the professionals at MDV Remodeling. In addition to providing a free estimate, our TruYouDesign™ approach can help you to decide on what would be best for the space and budget you have to work with!