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Kitchen Trends for 2015

Designing a new kitchen involves more than just selecting cabinets and countertops. Matters such as how the kitchen fits and functions within the entire home, the impacts of technology and sustainability options, and others are as integral to the successful kitchen design as selecting the perfect color palette. For many families, the kitchen is the

7 Things to Think About When Repairing or Replacing Your Kitchen Countertops

Countertops play both a practical and aesthetic role in your kitchen. Your countertops have to be hardy enough to endure the everyday wear-and-tear of meal prep and cleanup, while still giving your kitchen a sharp and clean look. Over time, even the strongest of materials will begin to break down, so you may be facing

6 Benefits of Adding a Kitchen Island

Are you thinking about having your kitchen professionally remodeled by a contractor such as MDV Remodeling? Have you considered adding a kitchen island to improve the workflow of your existing kitchen? Every kitchen has the potential for great storage, display, and functionality, but the sad fact is that most kitchens don’t have enough of any