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A “Suite” Solution: The First-Floor Addition

Home additions have always been a great, cost effective way to correct a home's shortcomings: expanding a crowded kitchen, increasing the number of bedrooms or bathrooms to what's currently needed, creating a home office, or enlarging a den. Now, however, more and more homeowners are adding on to homes that already seem to have everything.

Home Additions That “Think Ahead”

Can today’s playroom become tomorrow’s master suite? Can a home office become a private suite for in-laws? Yes, with a “think ahead" approach that can double the value of home additions. Home additions are a great way to enjoy the extra room you need today. But with a “think ahead” addition, you also enjoy living

Remodeling Regrets

We've talked at length on this blog about costly mistakes that should be avoided in home remodeling. Some are fairly obvious mistakes, while others are harder to spot and can only be discovered through trial and error. In discussions with some of our clients, we realized that some choices that seemed like good ideas at

7 Remodels That Yield Top Returns On Investment

One of the biggest reasons homeowners elect to remodel aspects of their home is to improve its value. Updating a kitchen, bath, or basement will not only do that, but add years of enjoyment at the same time! Furthermore, a major consideration must be which home remodeling projects give homeowners the most return on their