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Home Additions That “Think Ahead”

Can today’s playroom become tomorrow’s master suite? Can a home office become a private suite for in-laws? Yes, with a “think ahead" approach that can double the value of home additions. Home additions are a great way to enjoy the extra room you need today. But with a “think ahead” addition, you also enjoy living

Have Your Very Own “Holiday Home Tour”

Homes look so pretty during the holidays! But the holidays also shine a not-so-cheery light on things that you’d like to change about your home, like drafty rooms, cramped spaces, no place for the kids to play while adults chat, awkward guest accommodations, cluttered kitchen counters, and bathroom fixtures that are just plain in need

Remodel Your Master Bathroom…and Your Life!

Stress and noise can take a toll on your mood, energy and health. When homeowners call us about master bathroom remodeling, they’re also often looking for a way to “remodel” busy lives. For some, the dream master bathroom is like a den – equipped with fridge, wet bar and flat screen. For others, it’s a

Energy Efficiency: 5 Tips for Choosing Appliances Wisely

For most homeowners, major appliances – refrigerators, washing machines/dryers, and dishwashers – account for the second-largest percentage of their monthly utility bills (just behind heating and air conditioning units). That impact is compounded if a refrigerator or washing machine is more than a decade old, causing homeowners to spend even more on energy. Today, most

7 Interior Design Trends for 2015

Modern interior design trends in 2015 will reinvent classy luxury, serenity, creative recycling and versatility in furniture design and interior decorating. This includes classic, retro and contemporary design ideas, merged with traditional and new materials, fresh decorating colors, exotic motifs, ethnic decoration patterns, artistic details and surprising blend of textures. For today's post, we're going

Kitchen Trends for 2015

Designing a new kitchen involves more than just selecting cabinets and countertops. Matters such as how the kitchen fits and functions within the entire home, the impacts of technology and sustainability options, and others are as integral to the successful kitchen design as selecting the perfect color palette. For many families, the kitchen is the